The Writing’s On The Wall: I Am Half Agony, Half Hope

The Writing’s On The Wall is a regular feature on Pop! Goes The Reader in which I create desktop wallpapers inspired by some of my favourite novels, authors, and literary quotes.

As someone who is perpetually (and very happily) single, I’ve never had strong feelings about Valentine’s Day one way or the other. That said, I’ve also never been able to resist a good theme, and given that both Valentine’s Day and Galentine’s Day are celebrated in February, I thought it might be fun to create and share a series of love-themed wallpapers every Thursday for The Writing’s On The Wall this month. I recently asked readers for their favourite romantic literary lines on Twitter, and I’ll be using some of these suggestions, as well as some of my own personal favourites, as my inspiration. Of all the messages I received, today’s quote from Jane Austen’s Persuasion was by far the most popular. I can only hope you like the wallpaper it inspired even half as much!

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I would like to say a big ‘thank you’ to Marusha Belle and Little Sisters Studio whose clipart and/or fonts I purchased, edited and used in the creation of this wallpaper!

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  1. fhms97 says:

    such a beautiful graphic!

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