Top Ten Books That Will Be Extremely Difficult For Me To Read

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This week’s Top Ten Tuesday topic is the Top Ten Books That Will Be Extremely Difficult For Me To Read.

I’ll be the first to admit that I greatly struggled with this week’s original Top Ten Tuesday prompt: “Top Ten Books I Will Probably Never Read”. There was something about the finality of the wording that I couldn’t quite accept. While a book might not interest me now, I don’t know how my tastes will change or evolve a week, a month, or even a year from now. So, rather than focusing on what I will never read, I decided to shift my focus a little and instead touch upon books that I think will be difficult for me to read. These are the books that I know will challenge me, inspire me, and probably move me beyond words. The books that touch upon topics that hit a little too close to home or that I simply might not yet be ready to read about. The books that I know just might change my life, should I ever gather up the courage to read them.

As always, these choices are listed in no particular order.

1) Heartbeat by Elizabeth Scott

2) The Fault In Our Stars by John Green

3) All The Bright Places by Jennifer Niven

4) 99 Days by Katie Cotugno

5) The Truth About Alice by Jennifer Mathieu

6) The Brilliant Light Of Amber Sunrise by Matthew Crow

7) Second Chance Summer by Morgan Matson

8) Tease by Amanda Maciel

9) All The Rage by Courtney Summers

10) Rites Of Passage by Joy N. Hensley

Here’s where you come in! If you could force me to read only one of these books tomorrow, which would you choose and why? Let me know in the comments – I would love to hear from you!

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  1. If I had to make you read just one book, I’d probably go for Second Chance Summer. It surprised me. I wasn’t expecting to like it but I felt very moved by it.
    Chrissi Reads recently posted…Ten Books I’ll Probably Never ReadMy Profile

  2. Bekka says:

    If I had to pick one for you to read it would absolutely be All the Rage. Difficult and hard to read – absolutely. But amazing all the same.

    If I had to pick one I’d advise you to just stay away from, it’d be The Fault in Our Stars. There’s a lot of praise surrounding it, and a lot of people love it, but personally I found it hollow and there a plenty of books that touch the same subjects that I thought were way better.

    I really want to read Rites of Passage, but like you, I’ve been avoiding it because I know it’s the kind of book that pushes the reader and I’m not sure if I’m ready for all that haha.
    Bekka recently posted…Top Ten Tuesday: Books I’ll Never ReadMy Profile

  3. Second Chance Summer wrecked me! I loved it, but it turned me into a mess.
    All the Rage did something similar yet while it touched me, it also made me extremely angry at our society and the way girls are treated.
    [email protected] recently posted…Top Ten Tuesday (#27): Ten Books I Will Probably Never ReadMy Profile

  4. If you end up reading at least one of these, then I would definitely suggest you go with Second Chance Summer. It’s such a moving and emotive book. Sad? Yes, but completely worth the read. 🙂
    Sophie @ Seamless Reader recently posted…Book Review: Mental by Justice SeraiMy Profile

  5. I’m one of the ones who really loved TFiOS. I think that having read some of John Green’s other books I now might not like it so much, but the first time around having never read his work before it made quite an impression.
    My TTT
    Rosy @ The Review Diaries recently posted…Top Ten Books I will Probably Never ReadMy Profile

  6. JJ says:

    I haven’t read most of these, although there are a couple on my TBR, but if I have to advise you on any not to read, stay away from The Fault In Our Stars. If you’re not absolutely sure you’ll love it, then don’t waste the time and energy reading it, because it is nowhere near as good as all the people raving about it say it is (in my opinion of course).
    My TTT:
    JJ recently posted…Top Ten Tuesday #3My Profile

  7. I love what you’ve done with this list. It is a bit of a tricky subject – I haven’t taken part in this week’s TTT for that reason but you’ve inspired me to rethink it.

    I’ve read TFiOS and Tease, both of which I enjoyed but totally understand why they’re on this list x
    Ashleigh Allsopp recently posted…Review: Trouble by Non PrattMy Profile

  8. The Fault in our Stars made my list too. I just really don’t like John green. Great list!
    Check out mine!
    Chelsea @ Books For Though recently posted…Top Ten Books I’ll Probably Never ReadMy Profile

  9. Deb Nance at Readerbuzz says:

    I would never force you to read any of these or anything. We readers can do what we wish, book-wise.

    Here’s mine!

  10. Lola says:

    I like your take on this feature! 🙂
    Lola recently posted…Top Ten Tuesday: Ten Books I Will Probably Never ReadMy Profile

  11. christine daniellec says:

    TFios was okay for me but not really AMAZING like what some people thought,
    Top Ten Tuesday

  12. Great list! I really like how you changed it up a bit – I struggled a little with the finality of this topic, too. The Brilliant Light of Amber Sunrise has a gorgeous cover.
    Jess @ Curiouser and Curiouser recently posted…Top Ten Tuesday | Books I’ll Never ReadMy Profile

  13. Breenah says:

    The only one I’ve actually read is TFiOS and I really enjoyed it. Probably rare advice, but if you don’t think you can read the book then see the movie. They were both really good, I think.

    I do have All the Rage and Rites of Passage on my TBR list.
    Breenah recently posted…Summer Reading ChallengeMy Profile

  14. Alexa S. says:

    Second Chance Summer had me sobbing into my blankets. It’s so moving, particularly because it made me think about my own relationship with my dad! I do hope you read it though. And I also hope you read Rites of Passage (which made me ragey but was so good) and 99 Days (which has an MC that frustrated me but was also so good).
    Alexa S. recently posted…ACOTAR || Book Birthday PartyMy Profile

  15. Kaitlyn says:

    If I had to recommend any of these books, it would be All The Bright Places! That one is a very emotional read, but oh so good!
    Check out my Top Ten Tuesday

  16. Brenda says:

    I struggled with coming up with a list, I usually have way to many to read. I also have The Fault in Our Stars on my list though. I think it is one of those books that you just have to be in the right frame of mind for. Great list.
    Brenda recently posted…TTT: Five Books I Probably Will Never ReadMy Profile

  17. Interesting list of books this week!!
    Lisa @ Captivated Reader recently posted…Top Ten Tuesday — Ten Books I Will Probably Never ReadMy Profile

  18. The only one I’ve read is the one I recommend, the fault in our stars is sad, but worth the read for the awesome prose. Great Post!
    Check out my Top Ten Tuesday

  19. What a thoughtful post! I often avoid books with topics that hit close to home. I have read many of the books on your list, with varying reactions. All the Bright Places, All the Rage, and Tease are tough reads, but so powerful and important. I can’t let myself read Second Chance Summer and TFIOS is the last John Green book I will ever read. Thanks for sharing! ~Megan
    [email protected]? Why Not? recently posted…Top Ten Tuesday-Books I Will Probaby Never Read 5/5/15My Profile

  20. I plan on reading “All the Rage,” but I would pass on the rest.
    Rebekah @ Wordsmithing and Worldbuilding recently posted…Top Ten Tuesday: Ten Books I Will Never Read (with gifs!)My Profile

  21. Shelumiel says:

    All the Bright Places by Jennifer Niven! It’s a bit romanticized in places but the take on depression and mental illness is so poignant! I kept thinking about Finch after.
    Shelumiel recently posted…REVIEW: Half Bad by Sally GreenMy Profile

  22. I completely understand about certain books hitting too close to home. But I really loved HEARTBEAT and ALL THE RAGE.
    Molly | wrapped up in books recently posted…Library Displays: Merchandising TipsMy Profile

  23. Stormy says:

    I like your take on this topic! Out of these books, I’d definitely recommend All the Rage. It’s a tough one for sure, but it touched something deep inside me & I don’t know, it’s hard to even explain the profound impact it had on me. Have you read Courtney Summer’s other books? All the Rage is definitely my favorite, but they’re all worth reading, & I think ATR might be easier to read if you have some knowledge about her writing. A way that amps up the intensity, so to speak(though her previous books are definitely intense in their own right, none hit me quite as hard as ATR did).
    Stormy recently posted…Book Review: Magnolia by Kristi CookMy Profile

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