25 Enamel Pins For Literature Lovers

Favourite Things is a sporafic feature on Pop! Goes The Reader in which I share a small assortment of things that bring me joy.

Like many readers, I love demonstrating my love of books in every possible way. From tote bags to T-shirts, prints to mugs, there are many things in my life that scream “I am reader, hear me roar!” But of all the book-related things I own, there are few I love more (and can resist less) than enamel pins. Whether you’re displaying your collection on a cork board or pinning them to your favourite denim jacket or backpack, enamel pins are such a fun, bright, colourful way to wear your love of books on your sleeve. With that in mind, I thought it might be neat to create a small collection of twenty-five of my current favourite bookish enamel pins from twenty-five different creators. Do you own any literary-inspired enamel pins? Which ones are your favourites? Let me know in the comments – I would love to hear from you!

01. “Book Lovers Club” by The Clever Clove

02. “Christmas Books” by Sweet & Lovely

03. “Good Books Make Bad Girls and Dangerous Women” by GRL TRBL

04. “Book Of Bitch Craft” by Joanna Behar

05. “Library” by Fable & Black

06. “Book-Loving Cat” by Glitter Punk Jewellery

07. “Typewriter” by John Moniker

08. “Feline Familiar, Spells A-D” by Nikury

09. “Tools of Mass Creation” by Joanne Hawker

10. “Geometric Books and Mug” by Rather Keen

11. “Mermaid Reading” by Crystal Driedger

12. “Books Are My Happy Place” by Icey Designs

13. “Anne of Green Gables” by Joy Addict

14. “Who Needs Boys With This Many Books and Cats?” by Punky Pins

15. “Polly Pocket Tales Book” by Vintage M Life

16. “Readers Gonna Read” by Alum & Ink

17. “Cat and Books” by That’s Lovely Dear

18. “He That Dares Not Grasp The Thorn Should Never Crave The Rose” (Anne Brontë) by Literary Emporium

19. “Bookish” by Alphabet Bags

20. “Wizard Cat” (Harry Potter) by Amay Sancha Shop

21. “Prose Before Bros” by Bookish and Bakewell

22. “You Have My Sword (Lord Of The Rings)” by The Grumpy Unicorn Co.

23. “Jane Austen Book” by Victoria Barron Art

24. “Literary Kitty” by Justine Gilbuena

25. “Kindred Spirits” (Anne of Green Gables) by White Wide Woods

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  1. Ronni says:

    Oh wow all of those are so pretty and I love your presentation!

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